Friday, April 24, 2009

Best Friday Ever

This package of goodies landed on my doorstep today while I was out. If you know me at all (or if you don't) I love gifts, mostly giving actually but every once in awhile I will allow myself to receive. And one of my BFF's, I call her B, sent me this little love package. Made my day. She made me the two frames you see (click for a closer look),sent me cute cards, inspiration clips out of mags and a GC to Anthropologie! Hello! The girl rocks to say the least because seriously my birthday was like 4 months ago and we 'celebrated' if you get my drift.. She has been one of my dearest, bestest, sweetest friends for almost 10 years, yikes! Sorry B, I aged myself not you! She is an amazing mom, wife, and served our country for 4 years in the Air force. There are no words, you should just know her. So this is her intro to you from me. Can't you tell I'm a big fan. Thanks B for making my day.

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