Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Handmade Christmas

Where have I been hiding? In my sewing room. I am attempting this year to make a Handmade Christmas. Not wasting a scrap of fabric, zippers, canisters, ect. I am 'attempting' to make the following:

Zipper Pouches

Lavender scented Eye Pillows

Homemade Body scrubs (assorted scents) Vanilla Orange, Peppermint, Ect.

Hand and Dish towels

So pray for me and my trusty dusty sewing machine that we survive and are filled with the best attitude through this process. Because it ain't easy. lol But I want to enjoy the 'Giving Spirit' this year. I might even post some tutorials for anyone who would like to attempt some of these with me... hint hint....

Oh ya, also wrapping up my over 100 'Handwritten' Christmas cards. Ya, I hear you smiling/laughing right about now. Wish me luck.

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