Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Retreat Weekend

Over the weekend, Amber and I embarked on a women's retreat in Murietta, CA with Reality Carpineria. What a well needed and refreshing time I tell you. The weather was A.MAZ.ING. And the company wasn't too bad either.heehee. I tagged along with a great friend of mine and her church. A couple years ago I ventured out to this same retreat and it rocked my world. So she so kindly informed me of this one coming up and I was in. And I even got an extra surprise when one of my BFF's (really one of my sisters) decided to come with. Great time. Amazing workshops, speakers, the message, everything. We really enjoyed every moment. Am and I even did a little day out in Temecula which is about 10 minutes away. Wine tasting, Olive Oil and vinegar tasting, cheese tasting and shopping too boot. Did I mention I was kid-less for 3 whole days too? Sam man'd down the fort here with the girls. A couple stories from home consisted of Sam putting the girls to bed because (and I quote) 'The kids are done and so am I.' And then he tried to watch a baseball game with them and had to leave early because Carys threw a baseball at Bay's mouth, full force. Gushing bleeding, the whole nine. And then I think what was the funniest, to me at least, was he took them to the park and Carys comes running over, holding her butt saying ' I gotta go or I'm gonna poop in the trash can'. He got a lil taste. But he was a trooper. And I am very thankful for the time away. Mama's need that every now and then to keep the balance. I still feel like it was a dream. Much needed girl time and if there is an award for 'Best road tripper'.....drum roll please.... It would go to Amber. We laughed, cried and talked about everything under the sun. I just adore her and really cherish our friendship more than words. We even hit the Natural Hot springs twice. Stayed up til midnight or 1am both nights. I can't even say enough how much it was needed. Back to reality, well, my reality that is, refreshed and renewed about the true heart of God toward me. Can't wait til next time!

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  1. What a great time you had!That is a beautiful place for a retreat too. cp