Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A mother's heart breaks....

...Along with other thoughts of course. Today, as I was chatting (IMing really) with Carys' teacher, she mentioned something that happened today in class. While learning some phonics (the Oh-sounds of words). Well wouldn't you know Ho Ho Ho came up. I mean come on, they are 5 and 6 year olds right? It's bound to happen. But don't get your minds in the gutter so soon. It was the Santa kind of Ho Ho Ho-ing going on. So with that being said (or rather written),one of Carys classmates decided to take it upon himself to tell the ENTIRE CLASS that Santa does NOT exist. Gasp, I know! I'll have you know, we do celebrate Santa. And baby Jesus. That's our take. So in an effort to do some quick damage control,Carys teacher,tried earnestly to calm the shock in the faces of her students and had this little guy zip it.It was too late for our sweet Gooshgabee though. As tears welled up in her eyes, she looked on at her teacher in disbelief and horror at this accusation this boy had made. Her teachers heart sank. So did mine, a little bit. I have to be honest. It did. Carys teacher Im'd me this and while I read, tears welled up in my eyes. Not because I'm in total denial that one day my girls will know the truth. Of course they will. But not this soon. They are not ready. I'm not ready. It's their childhood for goodness sake right? Like a good, sweet and often times humorous friend of mine said today...' They are supposed to believe in fairy tales and believe that all the princesses live in Disneyland right now. It's true. It's like robbing them of what is rightfully theirs at this point in their little life. Ugggggggg. So as I picked Carys up today after school, it didn't come up. So I still have options at this point if it does. One of which is telling her the truth. Santa is me and dad. That just sucks to even think about really. Or I can tell her to not believe everything her friends tell her. I mean, my gosh, they are only 6. They don't know everything. Or I can just tell her the real, honest to goodness hard core fact of the matter...... That the reason (he shall remain nameless) doesn't believe in Santa is because well... he is prob lay a naughty little boy and Santa doesn't visit naughty little children. I'm still meditating on it. So my question to you is..... What would you do if someone burst you child's Santa, Toothfairy, Easter Bunny bubble?

***** Side Note***** While I totally respect and honor the fact that we as parents get to raise our children as we see fit (i.e. not believing in Santa or other fantasy like things) I think if you are going to kill the dream so soon and try and get them to grasp the reality, then maybe you should also clue them in on keeping it zipped so the other children can...well...enjoy childhood. Just a thought.

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