Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Grateful for the Wings of Jesus for my shelter and strength
Grateful for this clock. It was a gift to my G Grandmother from my mom.
And I get to cherish the time everyday.
Grateful for my creativity and all the projects that go unfinished around my home but still look so pretty.
Grateful for this old weathered window that reminds me of my grandmother, hard work, the home she built with my grandfather.
Grateful for my dad and for always showing up and working hard.
Grateful for these old ballet slippers and the memories they hold for me. And how thoughtful my mom was to preserve that for me for the years to come.
Grateful for my nightstand. Because it reminds me of the love and wonder of my motherhood and where it came from.
Grateful for Jesus in our home and how free our girls are to KNOW HIM here.

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