Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Inside- Out- List of 2011

Oh, now is the time of year I read from blog to blog everyone's 'resolutions' for the new year. And while at this point it seems only right to reflect on last years accomplishments and this years 'To-Do's' and goals, I often wonder if we would do the same inventory with things that don't make us sound so puffed up and bragalicious. I mean this... I could commit to losing weight, being more healthy, praying more, spending more quality time with my family but I think that's the easy part. Doing stuff on the outside that is. Having people witness it, slap you with a high five as you check one thing after another off your list. What seems like more of a challenge to me, and this maybe ONLY ME, but doing that same over haul on thy INNER SELF. With God. Like between you and Him. For example, I was just chatting about something similar with some friends over dinner the other night. Like when you do a cleanse of sorts and change you eating habits and then as time passes and you stay committed people start to notice. But the side effects only come after dedication and hard work. Which no one gets to see and or witness on a regular basis. Now they don't notice how better functioning your liver is or how great your bowels are doing. They notice you skin, hair and maybe nails. The color of your eyes become brighter and maybe your teeth whiter. But that's only a side effect of what beautiful work has gone on while no one could see. So lets say you did that with your resolutions instead. This might mean you don't get to brag about them in a outward way. It might be years before you begin to seep out the beautifully amazing and hard changes that have started in your heart. This will be my goal. From the inside out this year and let the results speak for them selves. Here's to that 2011... Now let's begin!


  1. Do you know how wonderful you are? You are very circumspect and I know that is God at work in you, because without Him you'd rely upon your go-to emotions & you know your goal is to fight your passions & desires. I am amazed by you & so glad to know you. Keep on this path, it only creates a more beautiful woman as no other diet can do ;)

  2. I would say Thankx Linds but... somehow thats doesn't begin to cover it with you! Lov ya