Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blocked Out

I'm back! Yay, right?!?! I know it's been awhile.My life has been so crazy busy and honestly I just didn't feel like blogging about it, LAME! Sometimes I just wanna shut the world out and keep all the funny and cool things I'm up to and my family is up to, well, to myself. We all do it once in awhile. It's like taking inventory of ourselves, weeding out the junk to allow for new growth. I should start off by saying this....NO! We are NOT expecting.That seems to be a common question when you fall off of Blogland. But we are good. There is peace here in our home. Which we are truly enjoying. Together. Except for last night when I yelled at Sam for the 500th million time about the dish washer being broken again...ummm. But we won't talk about that.Or 2 nights ago when I had to threaten  a Soap Pump to my 8 (going on 25) year old about her sass mouth and talking back. More on Soap Pumps later, trust me, you might try it. Just saying. Or in between dealing with my sweet and precious 5 years old Kleptomaniac. Ah yes, things are well. Living the dream. I promise more stories soon. Hang tight.

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