Monday, February 6, 2012

Saving Momma Zo

This little bag often saves me throughout the day.I keep it stock piled with goodies that (save) me and my two favorite girls,at all times.Here is a snapshot into what it holds as of today...It's contents vary,depending on the mood.Ok that little pot of gold from Benefit,it's like Jesus for my dark circles.Swear.A-mazing.Girly bandaids for the hulligans.I have very active girls and we require a ton of Booboo juice and ouchy equipment.And for some strange reason,when the bandaids are pretty,the ouchy hurts less,imagine that?!Sanitizer for the germaphobe/ hypochondriac in me,we all have our(stuff) right?!Sally's cuticle oil and Kat Von D's yummy light scented rollerball perfume does the trick in a pinch too.I try and keep my Dirty mouth clean.I swear like a trucker sometimes,it's terrible.So keeping it minty fresh helps,well,kinda.Sometimes a pretend cuss word just doesn't cut it and I can't help throwing down a sh*t!I know,such a bad mom.And I am a lip gloss whore.End.Of.Story.This is just the small stash.I store them everywhere.And when I can't find one,I do what every warm blooded loving momma does,I steal the girls.I mean,come on, how many Body Shop lip pots can a 5/8 year old have right? I feel no guilt for that.
*** A small side note,I do make and customize the contents of these Momma Bags.I plan on having them available in my Etsy store soon. I've also done Survive Vegas ones and Survive Kindergarden ones to.Keep your eye's peeled,if your are interested.They make really great gift***

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