Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Break Escape pt.1

I miss Arizona already.I think I started missing it a long time ago really.For Spring break this year we went back.And now I am having major withdrawls. For the friends we have there.For warm sunshine that so generously wraps it's warmth around me. A piece of my heart remains there in Arizona. And I feel it pulling me back slowly and steadily. Who knows for now what the future holds but I would not be disappointed to find our way back someday. With that said, We did enjoy our time up in Flagstaff with Sam's brother's family.They welcomed my 3rd niece,Aleya into the world late last year. We ate, slept in late,baked cookies,crafted,played games, enjoyed a late spring snow (26 inches!Craziness). I caught up on some reading...Hunger Games had me at hello... 4 adults and 6 kiddos.We really enjoyed ourselves.
See you soon Flagstaff....Hello PHX...

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