Sunday, May 27, 2012

Be Courgeous

Dear Carys,
As you end this school year, I want you to carry a few words of encouragement in your heart from mine.
Be kind.Even when it's not easy or does not seemly come naturally.You can change no one.But your ability to change others by your kindness will reward you more than you realize.
Listen more and talk less.This may prove harder at times than you think.But there is a reason we have 2 ears and one mouth.Sometimes people just want us to listen.And that can be more important than any word of encouragement we think might help in the moment.
Be strong.Your faith in GOD will be tested.You may think He has left you,but this is NEVER true.Don't ever believe that.He may be the quiet whisper in your heart.He is there.He is real.Just listen in the stillness.I promise you He hears the your sweet call.
Be loving.This means you may need to love those who will never love you back.This might make you feel broken.I will be there to hold you through your brokenness. But never let it make you feel bitter.Rise above and hold that sweet head of yours high.And know who you were created to be.In the image of Christ.
Be forgiving.Forgive quickly.Forgive easily.Forgive often.Because this will only create more love in your heart.It will grow your soul in ways you can never describe.
Be generous with your time.Give freely what you have to others.Find ways to help someone every single day.This will fill your heart with true joy.
Be thoughtful.I know it's easy to think about yourself sometimes, especially when life is pressing in on you from all sides.You feel defeated.But hold onto the thoughtful
Heart you have for others.
Learn to not sweat the small stuff.Because when you grow up,you will have plenty of really,really,BIG STUFF to handle.Enjoy your childhood and all that it has for you.The playground,warm days and ice cream.Your first crush and your best friend.Your favorite movie and your favorite pair of flips flops.
And always know,your soft place,your home is here with me.You make me so proud and humbled as your momma.

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  1. Great post friend! Also great words for anyone to abide by. You are an amazing mother no matter how you feel in the moment. Remember that. Believe that. Love you lots!