Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Household Sweep

Does anyone remember Supermarket Sweep? The game show? Well this would be the child-like version of it, reversed. Follow me here, I have been struggling lately with the girls (i.e. behavior, attitude, cleaning up,the list goes on).As far as the cleaning, I will admit my standards of living and keeping my house looking the way I want it can seem well, a little OCD, maybe?! But as far as behavior issues, my standards will remain high. Because I truly believe my children will meet those.Back to the cleaning issue at hand,hense the broom. So in not knowing all the answers and being willing to read, ask and pray my way through this season in their little lives, I stumbled upon this book. The hubbs actually picked it up from somewhere but it's been collecting dust for awhile. So in a desperate moment the other day, after the 'spanking spoon' was used. More than once, I said to myself somethings gotta change. Go get this book today mama's! At least that's my two cents.It rocked my world today. Back to the 'Sweep'. One of the recommendations in the book was helping children learn to clean up. Who doesn't struggle with this right? So one suggestion was to have a Household Sweep (twice a day for me, the OCD mom) and it worked! Like a charm! The girls thought we were playing a game. I started the music, gave them the instructions to clean up as much as they could during the music. Once the music shut off, I would come to inspect. And there would be small prize for the winner.They giggled and cleaned up like crazy ladies. It was awesome. I decided this was a simple solution to always feeling like I was picking up after them all day. I made a deal with them however. For myself and them. I told them I would only req. 2 Household Sweeps a day, one right before Nap and one right before Bedtime (where I will hopefully encourage the whole fam to join in) Hi Honey! ;) So no more nagging from me or worrying for that matter about toys everywhere. Now it's a game and they love it! Thought I would share.

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  1. The STORY of my life! Thanks for the idea! I am also an OCD Mom and I WILL be trying it!