Sunday, May 3, 2009

Meet the Wiezy's

These would be some of our favorite people. Yes, we play favorites around here. Luckily for us, (me in particular) NEVER have to choose. So meet our friends, the Weizy's. Linz (mom of the wiezy's) has been a part of my motherhood for a looooonnnnggggg time. Way before motherhood actually. She's the childhood friend I never had. Until adulthood,that is! I love her and her boys, if you can't tell already. I am a rare breed you see. The most dearest friends I have and the one's I seem to click with are mom's of boys. It's kinda funny.So that makes us quite the pair when we are together. Us girls can keep up I guess. Or we just enjoy the activity/humor/nothing ever boring times of boys too.The girls & I and headed up to where they recently abandoned/ooops! I mean relocated to for the day. And got totally spoiled in the process. Games, treats, hot dogs on a stick, merry go round rides, cupcakes, the lists goes on. And in between all that me and Linz got to catch up. Pretty nicely might I add, I can't recall one throw down between the kiddos. It was a Great day! We miss them so much but have no fear, we will be back for round 2 soon enough. Catch your breathe boys!

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