Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No Power

Makes mama creative. So I am a collector of things. But mostly fun fabrics. I recently went on a little adventure to a new spot (can't tell, a girl's gotta have some secrets right?) with one of my BFF's and spent 100$.On fabric. Right?! (HI! Honey, don't freak out!) But today I sat in my sewing room, I'll have to let you into my secret room soon to check it out, and found these beauties of my fabric garden hidden away. So I whipped up some colorful pillows for my sitting room. In front of the fire. It truly was one of the best afternoons this year. You like that right, This Year?! Anyhoots, I love em. They were super easy, SEE HERE, for a tutorial. My hubbs likes em too. Double yumm-o!

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