Tuesday, February 16, 2010


She heals her own way. Carys, my sweet tender-hearted girl. A couple weeks ago while Sam and I had a much needed date night, the girls hung out with Papa and Grammie. When we came to pick them up, Carys presented us with this book. She wrote it. Had some minor help with spelling. But all in all this was all her. We read. I read and re-read and re-read this story. I even had it interpreted to me, by a close friend. Because at first you see, I thought 'Mississippi' was the cat. And after realizing that was not the case, the story meant something deeper to me all together.
Now knowing that Mississippi is the girl. I read this as Carys working through her part of our loss as a family. What a precious sight. What a sweet thing to know. I see glimpses of what her heart is believing these days and it's amazing. It's like I'm getting a front row seat in what God is doing in her little life. For she believes God WILL comfort her. Be with her. And as I read and re-read this story, I got it. I understood something us mothers sometimes get to get, you know? I miss a ton of things in this life. I'm sure of it. Things I shouldn't miss. But I do. I'm busy, tired, whatever. I miss them. But I tell you what, I will refuse to miss these two girls and what they are about. Anymore. And I'm so glad and lucky I didn't miss her message is this story either. I hope you don't.


  1. Very sweet and full of innocence. It's amazing how much they get. I'm so glad that she is expressing herself.

  2. She is so special, & your right, the cleaning can wait, the dinner can be a little late, their time is now...Cherish these moments...as they are gone oh too fast
    Hugs, Hugs, & more Hugs