Monday, February 8, 2010

Patience my dear...Patience.

My dream came true the other night. Yes, a simple dream. But a dream all the same. Real and true. I have been coveting this bedding from Anthropologie for at least a year. It's a bazillion dollars so I found a knock off version of it at Target. Oh how I love thee too! So I waited.....and waited.....and waited.... for it to go on sale. And what do you know, a late night shopping trip to the ol' Tarjay got me this wonderful, amazing, all white, Yes, I know, I'm nuts, bedding! I want to eat it all up. I'm in love. Cheating full well on my husband with this beautiful white glory of a bedding set. I made pillows and tried to create the mood for our love shack of a room.Hung a chandelier, placed a bucket load of knobs I collect(I'm a nerd I know). It's magical now. It's a work in progress but you can take a peak if you like.....$62.88 out the door,shams, comforter and skirt! I swear I was glowing as I strolled out there. It was a sight I'm sure of it.

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