Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Out of the mouth of my babes

(Baylie-Shaye talking to Cooper)
" Dear God, I love you Cooper. I loooooovveeeee you so mush".

(Baylie-Shaye repremanding Cooper @ the park)
" Cooper Stop! Because of the United States of America."

(Carys @ dinner the other night after a laughfest)
" Mom, I like it when you laugh. You need to laugh more'.

(Carys with me holding my hand while crossing the street)
"Mom, I just feel so safe with you'.

(Baylie-Shaye @ dinner)
" I love mac n Cheese, you know why mom? Because it has cheese and butter in it and it's so yummy'.

(Carys around the house)
" What if people had no boobies?.


  1. BWahahahahaha OMG I almost pee'd my pants. I mean, we all wonder what if no one had boobies. :) I luv u girls. Come soon.

  2. Be sure to inform your daughter that not everyone was blessed in the chest area like her mama... aka cousin kristen doesn't have boobs lol

  3. Oh we have lots of chats these days about boobies and such! It's pure comedy ladies and I enjoy every minute.xoxoxo

    p.s. Just for the record, I pray every night Carys and Bay have no boobies until they are 25.Just saying....