Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This is a topic that seems to be all around these days. The great debate between many mothers. Of the notion that girls are becoming 'advanced',as some might say. Others put it out there a bit more harshly and call girls' fast'. Granted most of these mom's are raising boys, I'll give em that. They have no clue. But do they not realize they were once a young 'girl' themselves? And what in the world constitutes a grown woman thinking, referring or calling a young girl fast?Is it a phone call? A text message? A smile read into? What I ask? This Haute Topic haunts me lately. Thinking of the many awkward conversations I have been in when these woman start referring to these young girls in such a seductress way. Weird. So it has me thinking. I am raising young girls. And the very first thought in my mind when this topic comes up is I am doing the best I can as their mama. Protecting their youth. Letting them keep those little girls living and imagining inside of their hearts of fairy tale princesses and far away places as long as I can. I am praying over them. Covering them with all the beautiful attributes I can see in both of them. Of Kindness and love. Of their gentle hearts. Of their sisterhood. Of honoring God. Keeping their bodies a precious thing for their future Mr.'s.

So when I think what in the world these woman are talking about oh so confidently. Like these young girls are out on the prowl for their precious boys. Their innocent boys. I really am laughing hysterically inside. FYI, just in case I get ahead of myself and bust out a laugh one day at cha. That's even weirder. Is weirder even a word? Oh well. The second thought that pops into my mind, which also makes me giggle too..is my husband. He can be naughtier than me. 'Nough said. So my third and final thought in these weird convo's is this.... Do you really think blaming the girl for being fast really makes your son innocent in the situation?Are you really removing his actions leading up to the awkward interactions with girls from him and just calling girls fast? Really? Honestly? Uh? And if you are answering yes at this point, you are problay pissed by now so do yourself a favor and stop reading now.

I think we all need to concentrate on our own stinking poopoo, you know what I'm saying. By that I'm not calling your or my children poop. Just saying before you point that pretty manicured finger at that hussy of a girl you see trolling around your son. I would do a self check about what kind of woman you are showing your son to even be attracted too in the first place. That's a tough right? And also remember that's someones baby your calling fast. Someones daughter. And give them some credit or even better. Some grace. Imagine that eh. Because we are all doing the best we can. And their is responsibility on both parties. Girl and Boy. And in the end they are going to do a many of things (or so I've heard) that you did not raise them to do. Can you hear the gasps? I would never, at the end of the day, want my precious girls, to be called a fast girl, slut, ect by another mother all because she called a boy (which she will be specifically instructed not to do by the way). Or because she enjoys his friendship or family or home. Or she just thinks he is funny.

Food for thought. Goodnight!

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