Friday, June 25, 2010

Don't know what the deal is?

I feel like I'm in a fog these days. Yes, it's summer. No schedule or agenda. But I'm thinking I might just need that to be motivated around here.
The girls play outside. A lot. While Cooper barks at the heels of their bikes and scooters. Life is good that way. They love being home.
As for me, their mom, I need to be out and about. Doing things. Lots and lots of different things. That's the way I've always been. So I drag them on adventures to southern California. Where they both (more so Carys) becomes incredibly homesick 3 days into it and begs to return home. There has got to be a middle ground this summer between us girls.
What will I do to fill the rest of our summer without feeling like I'm being suffocated by a routine of staying home? Any suggestions? Anyone out there?
I think for today, I just need to take a shower.
The End.


  1. Zoe,Just peaked at your beautiful website/blog! Love everything in it! We have similar taste..well everything girly since we have 2 girly girls too. lol Anyhow, couple things: I am now finding Savannah to be the same way..doesn't even want to go play with friends ( unless girls?) What happend here? I am at a loss of what to think or say to her. We still do but our last play date was a total fail date. 2) You need to sell our beautiful crap for more!!! Eye pillows should at least be $4-7$ more! Also you blingy clip has to be at least $4-5!! I know you just want to sell and it is a fun hobby for you etc etc. I have been in your shoes before, I used to sell hand made jewelry at a shop in Carmel a long time ago and did the same etc etc. It was fun and my hobby that gave me some extra $.But here is what I have been reading/learning from fellow craft-ism, ,crafters etc have said before if you sell too cheap you are doing a disservice to yourself and fellow handmade goods makers because they cannot compete or blah blah etc..Anyhow just saying your stuff is beautiful and I would pay more! Check out Whole foods where we bought our last eye pillows-yes Greg uses one too lol. They are way more and way less beautiful. On that thought maybe I need to stock up on some of yours-hehe. Anyhow your stuff is beautiful and up my alley! You should do a Etsy store if you get way into it. I thought of this for myself..I may be getting closer to that spot in my life, we will see.
    TTYL Sakura

  2. Sakura... you are too funny! thank you for your thoughts and sweet word of encouragment. I will re-think my pricing for sure. Myself and another friend are going into this together. Very excited for what that has in store. We sew A ton together anyway. We both need this creative outlet or we will go crazy! We will be doing local craft fairs soon together... I will keep you posted. I love love love being creative. Let's get together soon! Really! My girls need some girl time asap. We love our boys don't get me wrong but I would love some gal pals for them as well. Call you soon! xoxo