Monday, August 23, 2010

Mama 911 Kit

Shown above is my mama kit. I carry it with me at all times. Yes, it's white (but I can throw it in the washer) no worries. I love the colors and how they pop so I went with the white canvas.
What's inside you ask? Well here's my run down.....
*Dental floss
*NyQuil (don't ask)
*Kids sanitizer
*Smelly good lotion (in summer scent)go with the season.
*3 kinds of lip gloss (I'm a lip gloss junkie,don't judge)Khiel's, Bare essentials & B&B shop in case you were wondering.
* Yummy mama sanitizer
*Cute little purse hanger/pocket mirror
* Nail file/clippers
* Hair ties (a must)
* Shout wipes/oxy spray (I'm a mess what can I say)
* Gum (keep it fresh)
*Band aids
* Girly products (b/c you just never. do. know.)
* Cottenelle wipes/Kleenex (keep it clean)
* Viva instant Iceed Coffee pack (keeps things going)
*Note pad/pen

And yes...all of that fits in my zipper bag! A-MAZ-ING right? All my girls need one of these. i have many more bags in my purse too. From kiddos things to Ipod bag. Stay tuned for those too.

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