Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vegas pt.1

Vegas Trip! What fun it was. My dear friend Brenda got hooked up for her birthday this year. And we all had the privilege of joining her. Her hubby called me months in advance to plan this all girls getaway for her. And even pulled off the surprise up until she got to the airport with him and saw us all sitting there. With HUGE smiles on our faces. Needless to say, there were tears! She was floored. And I came prepared.
I packed all the girls on the trip 'Survive Vegas gift bags'! They were kind of a BIG HIT! They were chalked full of the following:
5 hour energy drink
Fun drink glasses
2 small shots of Vodka/Tequila
Lip gloss
Then I made all the girls Martini zipper bags and matching tanks. We were happy gals.
Me, Lara and Bren Vegas 2010
We have these yummy Pomegranate Mojitos ! OMG!
More yummy flavors...
And if I had the bucks to blow... I would have blown em on these gold stunners. I'm sure I'd break my neck in them but they sure did make me feel fantastic! All sparkle!

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