Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mean Girl Moms

Dear (Grown up) mean girl mom,

Hi! Ummm... I'm the mom that says Hiya to you every time time I see you at school. You remember me right? I'm sure I look familiar. We have been taking our children to the same preschool now for 3 years. Strange isn't it. So it would be kinda hard to deny you seeing me at this point wouldn't it? I just have a couple quick questions for you. Did I do something to offend you or do you usually carry around that 'eat shit' look on your face all. the. time? Totally weird right? I mean, you just look super pissed all the time and I was just wondering if I had anything at all to do with that. If not, then would you mind telling me why you blatantly ignore me when I make eye contact smile and say Hello?

....I kid you not... I've dreamed of actually saying this. I'm tempted. Truly.

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