Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Gossip. It's one of those words, things, goings on that I cringe at. Not because I don't participate in it in some way or another either. It's just gross. It's justified. There are usually reasons behind it. People make up the craziest excuses for it too. Which sometimes, I myself, will buy into. Hook,line,sinker. It destroys relationships. Trust within families. It simply creates chaos. So the buck stops here folks.
I have experienced recently a couple of interactions with people that reason and/or justify this disease of Gossip. One of which used the (reason/excuse/justification) of family. And it's NOT gossip if it's being spoken of within the family. Kind of a Mob-like mentality. But I had to give her credit. I almost believed her. Then I looked it up in the bible, took it to my therapist (a safe place) and ran it over with my husband. There was some excellent feedback. None of which agreed with or second the notion that, if kept in the family, IT was NOT gossip.
Whew! And I thought I was going crazy. And there was nothing complicated either about seeking the truth in this statement. God is good like that. Simple. To the point.
Gossip is gossip. Period.
I remember going to this retreat this year with a good friend and one of the women speaking was teaching on the prodigal son. It was the last day we were there and she began belting out all these 'Stupid Rules' vs. ' God Rules'.
And one of those rules referenced gossiping in a strange and funny way. Where we as Christians, will often gossip with in the perimeters of praying. So like for example...You say to your BFF, Oh we should pray for so-n-so, she is really struggling (a common term used in the christian faith to describe some screwing up and or making or participating in poor life choices).So in this situation, it's totally justified because it's within the context of 'praying'. Can't even tell ya how many times I've been in both situations with that one. It's so gross it makes me wanna take a shower and scrub it all off. Stupid Rule!!!!
This retreat helped me recognize these stupid rules. Made me more aware of Truth verses Opinion.
In the end, these recent situations have my little head spinning with thoughts, scriptures and prayer. I know I am NOT above this. I fail in this particular area. Alot! Maybe that's why I'm am becoming acutely aware of it in my life and out of the mouths of folks close to me as well. So I am sharing this to provoke your heart along with mine to help stop this terrible disease we call gossip. In it's tracks. Done. Who's with me?

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