Monday, September 20, 2010

We are ALL fighters

Sometimes I read my mom's journals. As a way to connect. Something tangible. Her own. Because it IS real. I read this today. And completely lost it. It happens. My heart just broke. She wanted so much to beat this awful disease. And I used to believe she didn't. But I read this this morning and came to another conclusion after all these years. She DID get another chance. Just not here. And she LOVED her friends too. So very much. So this is to bless those who were her friends. She loved you. And I hope all those who still struggle with the loss of her in their lives find comfort in her words today. She loved many things. Her friends, her life for it was full and most of all her family. And I read that today in this little quiet place of her's. And that will never be forgotten. And as I continue to find peace with that, I pray you do too.

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  1. Zoe, you know I never comment on blogs, but this made me precious that you have that piece of your mom with you. She sounds like you & you are a fighter, too! She would have been so proud of you now, to see you such a wonderful mother, wife & woman. You are inspiring to us, like she inspires you. I love you! Linz