Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Great Divide

For those who don't know, I LOVE ME SOME JESUS! There, it's said. It's written. It's done. Now you know and you may do what you will with that tid bit of info. You either stay or leave (this blog that is).
I came across a very interesting blog the other day HERE and this gal video blogged about the divisive nature of Christians. The body. And what we chose to discuss and what we chose not to discuss.
Dressing with 'the girls' hanging out
the list goes on and on...
Halloween (to celebrate/not to celebrate)
like I said, on and on...
And it really rang true for me.
While I did not grow up in a so called Christian environment,
I knew people growing up who
LOVED themselves some Jesus.
My mom had friends.
Who actually had no TV in their home because their pastor believed it to be the Devil...
whole other post really.
But still very relevant to what we are talking about here.
I went to school with people who claimed Christianity.
They weren't my crowd but we mingled on occasion.
So when I pondered my interactions with some people from church
when I first started going to now.
Oh the judgements that fell on me when I first started dating my now husband.
Woozer, I wonder how I endured the comments and slight torment of these
'loving' people.
I think I survived because I had nothing to compare them too.
But now, having the freedom in Christ.
And knowing Him and who He is for some time now has brought to place of peace.
And sorrow for these other people.
Who had esteemed themselves so much in their own little community.
That it became kind of cult like.
And this is where the judgement lays.
And why this woman's posts hit home for me.
Their were certain things I knew i could never speak of and others where these people would come together and say they were praying, had compassion and empathy for my situation. And other things they wouldn't touch and or discuss with a ten foot pole. And the really really bad stuff I was going through or had gone through in the past was straight up SIN.
But nothing in their own minds or world or rather cult would allow them to view their own behavior as SIN or BAD BAD BAD.
I mean, I thought your BAD stuff and my BAD stuff was the same SIN in God's eyes?
Or at least that's what I've read.
And so it was the
kinda bad SIN and the really BAD BAD BAD SIN that divided at the end of the day.
It has alienated the body in so many horrible ways.
So while those hot topics this amazing lady talked about were true to point,
I felt it wasn't necessarily the nature of the topic but rather the category of SIN on a scale of
1 being the least and 10 being the greatest most unimaginable SIN you could commit
To this day, I have never come across such a scale in the WORD of GOD.
If you find it,let me know.
Judging the scale of the SIN in the body is very dangerous.
More so for the Christians than those who are along the journey learning and questioning God as I type.
This has always been a sign to me (this is my own personal opinion here) that what a scary place that must be. To feel so comfortable in your personal relationship with the Almighty to be able to decide what SIN should be frowned upon more. It's like playing God. You are essentially claiming you KNOW HIM so well that you can make a distinction from good to bad to worse.
I have enjoyed seeing my life walk with Jesus out of the mouths of others, if that makes sense. I do not often reflect on how far God has brought me from what I used to be. But others mention it to me from time to time and from those certain people, it's like Jesus Himself is speaking right to me. They are few. But sometimes it's nice to ponder, like some have become such vessels and God allows these precious souls to interact with me sometimes to encourage and lift me up and closer to Him.
It's magical.
I sure hope I haven't lost you here.
I swear I'm not crazy.
Even if I say I know God.
This is true.
With all this said,
and knowing people will fail and judge
(including myself at times)
it's good to serve a God
who's LOVE I do not deserve
and He still Loves me back.
No matter what.
Without a scale of Judgement
all for what His sweet Son did for me (and you).

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  1. This is very well written. So true, sadly very very true. I wish I had read this before we got together yesterday. I could have chatted about this all day. ;)