Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Me Lately..

I figured it sounded alot like Chelsea lately and oh how I love me some Chelsea, late night. Hilarious. You should watch, at least once.For a good laugh and some celeb bashing.

Anyhoots, I've been seriously M.I.A. and I want to get back in the groove.
With Blogging, that is. But in a new fresh way.

I want to tell my story. You know, everyone has a story. We all tend to think or rather believe ours is best. But I don't. In all honesty, I just need to get it out. In all it's grit and glory, piece by piece. A purging of sorts if you will.

So while you might encounter some funny video's and photo's of my fantastic girls and family on here, this will mostly be a place dedicated to the journey I've been on for 31 years. And just how I'm still alive. God is glorious.

***Disclaimer**** Friends and Family take note. There may be parts you may read here, in the near future, that may cause you to know more about me. More than you have ever known before. If you at any time find yourself uncomfortable with that fact, because this is my personal blog, guess what? YOU DON"T HAVE TO READ IT. No hard feelings. This blog only represents me, not my husband or anyone else for that matter. This is my life, my story to write. And I find myself to be in a place in life where I feel more free than ever to do so. Thank you and enjoy. Should be funtimes...

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  1. I look forward to learning more about you. This is your safe zone, be yourself! Loves and look forward to reading.