Thursday, June 23, 2011

CVS Extravaganza!

The Breakdown:

Ok, so I am way new at this. Forgive me now, for my generic run down. All I have been doing for the past month or so is collecting Sunday newspapers with the ad's/coupons. Cutting and collecting. Getting inspired by these ladies on this new show about couponing on TLC and trying it for myself. I think this is my best trip to date. So I thought I'd share. A couple of hot websites I do check out are:***Click each one for website details***

The trick is to get as many papers with coupons as possible. This can be done many ways. From the library the day after Sunday, to buying them on Sunday. Either way, get em and keep em. And from reading these ladies, they pretty much do alot of the foot work for you. In terms of matching, sales with coupons. Where to find things ect. Do yourself a favor and try it at least once and your jaw will drop when you see how much you save. Again, I am way new at this but today was amazing. Enjoy!

Note: MFC's are manufactor's coupons/ RB's are register rewards you rec. for the purchase.

Pantene Pro V Shampoo/Conditioner-2/6.97

-$2 RB

-$3 MFC = $3.97 (4 times= $15.88/$8 RB)

Colgate Advanced-2.79

-$2 RB

-$1 MFC=$1.79 (3 times=$5.37/$6 RB)

Hershey's Bliss Choco-$5.99

-$5.99 RB= FREE

Tom's Toothpaste/Mouthwash-$3.49

-$1 RB

-$1 MFC=$2.49 (3 times=$7.47/$3 RB)

2 Hawaiian Tropic products (any price) gets you $10 RB

(Look for lip balm/lotion shimmer $2.99)=$5.98= MONEYMAKER!!

Total Out of Pocket=$40.69


What I really Spent=$7.70 WOW!( Add 89 cents for overages I didn't account for)

What I walked away with for under 10$:

2 boxes of cerel

2 Ocean spray juices

5 bottles of Gain dish soap

4 bottles of Pantene Pro V Shampoo

4 bottles of Pantene Pro V Conditioner

1 Bag of Bliss Hershey Chocolate

4 Hawaiian Tropic lip chapsticks

3 packs of Dessert gum

5 tubes of toothpaste

1 mouthwash


  1. Isn't it fun!?
    This is a great site too! I don't know how this lady finds the time to update on all the deals she does, but she's wonderful!
    You can follow her on facebook too and get the scoop on her deals!

  2. Oh...and this is Crystal from WAAAAAY back in the day (At Susie's in Salinas). I'm not sure how I found your blog, but it was added to my google reader a while back and I just recently saw posts from you!

  3. Oh HI! Great! Glad you are here! Yes, this couponing thing is amazing. With 2 private school tuitions to pay starting in Aug., I figured something had to give,LOL. Great to reconnect!

  4. Coupons are like free money! I used to do Coupon$ense, but wasn't keeping up with it (while I was working) so I stopped, but it was a service that connected all your coupons w/ the ads here in Az...but now there are so many sites that do it for you for FREE!! I think a lot of people are jumping on the coupon train!
    Every little bit helps when you're paying for two...yikes! :) Glad to find you on here too!! Your girls are absolutely PRECIOUS!