Wednesday, January 18, 2012


My creative juices are flowing these days. I was blocked for awhile. Too many ideas, not enough time in my day to follow through. I was bummed. Then something magical happened... The girls started school! crazy right?!? And for the first time in my Mother'hood' I actually had gained some of my own time back. It's a total trip when this happens. For those SAHM that feel like it's never going to happen, it ACTUALLY does. And it's glorious. I feel more balanced during my day, I take better care of myself (i.e. no more pb&j's for lunch or other leftover scraps I find on the table after the girls are long gone). I actually eat a grown up lunch. Brush my hair and teeth. Dress myself. Listen to inappropriate music LOUD in my car, until I pick them up of course. It's awesome, let me tell you. But I'm pursuing my passion for creating things. All kinds of things. For momma's, their babes and home. My goal this year is to  open my own store online. Things are in the works, I couldn't be more excited. And can't wait to debut all things rad to you, here. Sometime soon.Promise. But I have a terrible habit of never ever making anything for myself. So today, I made this! Love the color. Simple and clean. I really do have a great life!

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  1. And I want one! If I pick the fabric will you make it? Cool. Thanks!