Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Funnies

Look at these two? Are you speechless? I am. There are no words most days to describe these two hooligan's. I let Bay wear her sparkle slippers to my birthday dinner the other night(this is how stoked she was) More on my birthday later...Best yet,hands down. Anyhoots, I have complied a list of things both Carys and Bay Shaye have said/asked/blurted out lately. One of which I will write that literally made me pee my pants. For real, no lie. Enjoy...

I was reconnecting with a very dear (guy) friend of mine over the phone the other day and he had to call me back. It had been awhile since we had spoken last and so I was adamant he call me back asap. After getting off the phone, someone had their listening ears on and yelled from her homework table,"Is that your secret boyfriend?" I laughed hard, thought I could totally say Yes, why his name is Channing Tatum....but didn't... and then realized quickly just what the heck she had asked me. I said NO! I don't have a secret boyfriend. Hello! WTH. Then like a lightbulb I knew why she had asked that. Sam and I have a terrible, yet, funny on- going joke that when we get really busy and our schedules over lap and we become passing ships in the night or when I've been sassy and 'run away' from home. To like Starbucks drive- through or Target, he or myself ask eachother how are hot date was with our respected Boyfriend/Girlfriend. Ugggg I died. We must stop that running joke asap! Note to self.

Then while hustling the girls into their school clothes the other morning, Bay looks down at her self and asked,'When will I get The Boobies'? Yes, we call them The Boobies, like they are a person and have a life of their own. Clever right? I think so, I'll carry on.... I say (under my breathe) I hope never, Ummm, when you turn 30, I hope(heehee) Then she quickly comes back with, "Well when I do get The Boobies, I hope they look just like yours. I died again. Worst fear EVER!

Bay asked that she get a Jesus Pinata for her birthday in May. What? Why? Seriously Bay?!?! She says Yes, A pinata that looks like Jesus. And I want Him in purple and white, like He always is. Really, since when does Jesus wear purple and white,ummmm OK! Done! Jesus pinata it is.

Sitting on the couch with Bay, watching the movie Courageous the other night. If you haven't seen this movie, GO NOW and rent it! fantastic! Bay turns to me  and asks if (they have to marry eachother) pointing at the couple on the screen. I say No, you don't have to marry anyone if you don't want to.Still wondering where this is going...Of course it continues.... Nooooooo, she says, Can you only marry a black person if your black? I chuckled and said No, you marry someone who loves God & you more than themselves and you will be golden starting there. She takes a deep sigh of relief, literally and says, I kid you not,'Oh good'. I love her! End of story.

Thankx to these girls, my week has been filled with curiosity and lively conversations. I'll keep this Friday Funny thing going as long as I can because these are too good to keep to myself.

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