Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Sneaky Peaky...

One of many long time dreams of mine is coming true.If you don't know,I Love to create,re-create,add too,embellish,ect.And this here beauty(logo) is all mine created by a dear friend of mine Veronica @ Good Luck Charm Designs... her out.There really are NO WORDS for her talent.I'm so excited and a little overwhelmed here.I'm a mom,(Momma Zo)rather, and that will always come first.So trying to make this balance happen might take time,give me a little grace please.And lots of encouragement,I'm going to need it.Above is my Official Logo...Love.It.To.Death.She also created another version of the logo which I will use too.How can I not,right? The coolest thing about this process is not that I think I'm going to make millions off this handmade business but more so just be able to freely create things I love and bring them to the masses...Or a few friends at least.The banner was also created by Veronica and will hang in my sewing room for now.Love it! Love.Love.Love.Just wanted to share what is in store for 2012 for Momma Zo...It's going to be a great year,I can feel it.

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