Sunday, February 5, 2012

Momma's New Studio...Part One

This is a snapshot of my soon-to-be New Studio. Please excuse the mess.The OCD Neat Freak in me barely let me post this.But I wanted to document this process and the beauty in it.Sambo(aka the hubbs) is helping me create/ build a new work space in my sewing room.My SIL gave us her old kitchen cabinets and we are re working them to make a beautiful built-in office area in the closet space.Salvaging scraps and making them work,I love it!The rest of the room will be freed up to sewing and create beautiful things.Yay! So this is the beginning of the construction zone.Some of our materials include:

* SIL kitchen cabinets
* beaded board
* ply wood
* paint
Let the fun begin.....I'll giddy like a school girl.I'll keep you posted.For now,please don't judge my mess.Thank you


  1. I can't wait to see the progression. Working on mine, too. You can have a preview on Tuesday :)

  2. Whoot shoot Veronica!Can't wait......oh p.s. I'll have the girls in tow but promise not to be too long as it is a school night,lol.See ya Tuesday girl friend....