Saturday, February 11, 2012

Creature Comforts

Our cozy bedroom.I feel in love with this window at a local thrift shop.And the birdies I added later.Pillow covers made by Momma Zo.But I'm def.looking for a color change soon in here.I'm up for suggestions...

My Mantle is always a work in progress.Still looking for more inspiration.

This is one of my all.time.favorite.picutres.ever.It sits on my nightstand.My SIL took this picture on her wedding day.I stepped aside for a moment to feed Bay & she told me then that she looked over and NEEDED to take this.I'm so thankful she did.Sometimes this picture makes me cry.happy tears.

This simply sums it up of my mom.And I am forever grateful.Hangs in my sewing room.

Sam & I have a ton of fun with this.It sits on our dresser,in our room.Messages range depending on the mood.

Upcoming projects,new color palettes sit smiling back at me.

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