Tuesday, March 13, 2012

10 favorite pik's...almost

This handsome fella, well I scooped him up over 10 years ago.This picture was taken at a friends wedding.I still remember how hot he looked that day,still does.Just saying.

My proposal.Yes,that's Sam, super-nervous-grin in the 1st one.2nd one,He popped the question.(yes,thats me literally saying what?There was a ton going on behind the scenes of this picture.I was totally knocked up for one.And the 3rd,I came to realize he was serious and got the nervous giggles!L.O.V.E that I have these still.
Both of these pictures are special to me.Sam is such the snuggler and has made being a dad look and feel so easy.The one above is Baylie and the one below is Cary's.I have these framed side by side.
That's me and my dad.He looks so happy that he is making me laugh.This has to be my all time favorite of my dad.

Stealing kisses from BaylieShaye.I took this one with my phone,believe it or not.I love the glow of the afternoon sun behind us.And no, I don't have an IPhone.I wish but I am way too hard on my phone to have one.
I was so sad in this picture.Although you can't tell.I love this picture though.Because I remember the day being warm and the girls being happy even with a heartbroken mommy.We survived together this day.
I breast fed Bay for one whole year.That was my goal after feeling,like a complete fail of a mom with Carys and breast feeding.My SIL took this on her wedding day.I thought it was so sweet of her as she thought of that on her special day to see a moment to treasure and capture that.I am beyond grateful she did.This sits on my nightstand.
This chubby round stare gets me every.single.time.Carys at the lake house my grandparents used to own.We spent a lot of wonderful times out there.That warm sunshine did our little souls good.
Hot summer day and all they wanted was Popsicles.I caved and snapped this classic.

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