Monday, March 12, 2012

Case of the Mondays...

Dear Monday,

Hello,remember me.Yes,you say? Just wondering if you can go easy on me today.I have a ton on my plate and am feeling on the verge lately.From preparing and packing for a 2 week vaca to AZ to attempting to start new projects for my Etsy Shop.I just need Monday to start smoothly.I need Monday to be gentle.I NEED Monday to just be plain nice.

Last week ended rough yet I felt so accomplished.I made good dinners,I got dressed a couple days,real cute like and everything.But why is it that I can only remember the bad despite the good? Funny how that happens huh?

The Bad....My girls have been suffering with these pesky allergies for weeks now. Carys' has been getting 5 minutes a lot lately at school.And for those who don't know....5 minutes is No Bueno over here in these parts.It's driving me crazy.Self control and following directions fail her often. She's only 8 1/2 so I am trying to have patience and so is she,with me that is. Bay won't stop sucking her thumb and has a horrible looking rash on her face.I swear it's been there since last year,no, I am not kidding. We have an invasion of slugs, oh yes, slugs,in our kitchen.This doesn't mixed well with my compulsive cleaning disorder either. Again, I am going nuts. My brother is in Disneyland.....again.And yes, I call IT...Disneyland.Figure it out yet? Haven't talked to one of my dearest friends in at least 2 months.We don't really fight and haven't since we were 10 and fighting over which one of our barbies was the Jewish American Princess. Seriously. So it just feels crappy. Our home we had to short sale last year, the one that I grieved like a dying family member, we got reminded this tax season just how expensive that " funeral" is going to cost us. I hate our government right about now. I feel like we tried/prayed about all the right things to do,did them and it seems to have been in vain. I want to do is go back to bed these days.It all seems so over whelming.

The Good....because I need reminding...Momma Zo is healthy.After a solid year of hitting the gym, I have lost 20lbs and feel so much better I only need to see my therapist once a year.True Story! My husband has a job.He works in the construction industry, so we are blessed to just still be working. We were able to pay off our lingering hospital bills from year after year after year of my miscarriages. So glad to not be reminded monthly of what I don't have anymore. That can be brutal on the grieving heart.My girls seem to be loving dance.Which I love because of my passion for it.I got to spend a day with my girls and grandma Bernice recently.Which blessed my heart in more ways than one.I love her more than life and we have always been very close.I got my fabric tags for my products in the mail last week.Yay, they are beautiful. We are going on vacation this week.Back to AZ.Seeing old friends who became like family for us while we were there.And new chubby babies to meet and kiss for the first time too.Can you tell I need a baby fix or what? I got our family portraits back.They are beautiful.So beautiful in fact that I don't even recognize the people in them.Ha! I have amazing friends.Period.And an even more rad family.

Monday was descent to me today.I only cried once.At our PTF meeting,In front of teachers,the principal,parents I don't know,but who's counting right? I went to spin.It was Hell but...I survived and dominated.I did 5 loads of laundry.Monday was ok.....Bring it Tuesday.Bring it.

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