Monday, March 5, 2012

An open letter....For Carys

Carys,my sweet tender-hearted girl,

I love you so much.I always want you to know this first.
You are kind.You are precious.You are thoughtful.You are in tune with others feelings.You are loving.You are most beautiful when you are these things.You are more than I deserve.

You have been on my heart and mind lately.I think about you all day and pray for your heart to be protected.I pray for strength and courage to surround you in rough waters.I know you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.And you constantly try to figure out what would make (things)right.But all I want you to do Carys, is enjoy being 8 years old.Play on the playground,run,pick flowers,snuggle your dog,paint,dance(because you are a beautiful dancer)ride your bike.Just enjoy life sweet pea.Be a little girl.And tell mommy what I can do to help you do this.Ok?...Promise....Maybe I can take you out on a little date soon and we can just be super Girly together,sound like fun?

I could see it in your eyes today that your little spirit was down.Let me carry some of that heart stuff for you.Please let me in and carry it all.I promise to be strong enough for you.

I want to see Joy again in your sweet blue eyes.I want to see those freckles dance across your smiling cheeks.Oh...and that laugh...I want to hear that too.

Can we just keep you little for a little longer,pretty please? Think about it CareBear....

Momma loves you,Daddy adores you so hang in there kiddo...

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