Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap year makes me a Happy Momma...

From keeping the TV off after school and coloring....

Just coloring....Hello Kitty never looked so good.

I even made (From scratch) chicken soup...without a recipe...I made it up and because Momma Zo ain't no chef, I surprised myself with it's deliciousness.

Then Sambo was a good hubbs and did the dishes while I watched...This really only happens on Leap year people,don't get excited.

I totally 'pinned' this idea off Pinterest but I thought it was so clever and affirming for the girls.These will be Character Keys.And the girls will earn them when practicing positive loving character building traits.The first three I thought of are Kindness,Patience and Integrity. I'm so excited about these little beauties.

Making something beautiful....I love sewing....

Making scraps of fabric into something wearable...and the afternoon sun peaking through my window.LOVE.

And this shelf sits above my desktop.I think this is one of my favorite things in my house.You know that one spot where you can look up at,at any time and catch a glimpse of just how wonderful and FULL of love your life is.And for that one second that your not screaming at your kids or your husband......everything is perfect and good.That crayon colored hand is Bay's.She drew that on the first day of kinder.After the teacher read the book The Kissing Hand ( Read it if you haven't already) they drew their own kissing hands.Bay was the only one who drew a little pink heart in the center.I HAD to frame it,right? That canvas one of my BFF's made me for my birthday this year.It reminds me of her and makes me happy.She lives far far away,boo.The picture of the house is Me and Sam's very first home.It was our's.And for a time, we created a beautiful place that was just us.It was good for our souls as newlyweds.To be there, alone.And the memories we share of that home I treasure.Always. And those famous photo booth pictures,oh yes, some of the best.One strip is actually Sam proposing to me.I look so haggered in it because......I was prego and totally puking every 5 minutes.I still laugh when I see those pictures....Today just turned out to be an extra day to enjoy...really,really REALLY enjoy this Life that I sometimes take for granted and don't love enough.

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