Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Rowland's AZ pt.2

The girls and I road trip a ton. I always say that I may never know what it will be like to deliver a baby, all natural and stuff but...I think it might be close to traveling alone with young children. So I still feel like a rockstar for it. We ended up visiting a ton of friends, their new babes and families while we were in Arizona last month.
The Rowland's first.We just adore their family.Melissa and Todd (Todd-O) as we like to call him were great friends of our's while we lived in AZ.And right after we left, they grew their family and welcomed little Pierce to their crew. A short while later, they welcomed Scarlett too. I hadn't meet either of their new babes so I was thrilled to when we arrived. Can you say doll faces? And just to hang with Melissa again was so fun.We celebrated her birthday too.I won't give her age away but I think she should totally lie because the girl still looks 25.It's just plain sick. And I think I dropped enough hints to both of them about coming our way for a visit that I think they might actually take me up on the offer ( begging) cough cough...My favorite memory of Melissa is from AZ.We hadn't known each other very long and ran into each other at the local Food Store as she calls it.She's so East Coast.I love it. And she starts talking about her husband and how she thinks he has gone off the deep end with Jesus. And she was worried because she was wondering if this meant things would change Big Time for them and their relationship? I cracked up. I still laugh to this day when I saw how frustrated she was at that thought of her husband not wanting to have a beer or two with her.Or in her case, Vodka or a good glass of wine. I reassured her Jesus was all good and if things changed,it would be for the better,not worse. She eventually relented and things were just fine.But I always get a good little laugh when I remember that little moment that made me love this girl instantly. Thank you Rowland's for letting my girls and I shack up with you. Good times and beautiful weather.You have such a rad family.Thank you!

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