Friday, June 1, 2012

BF Friday

I really have the most amazing friends.Like I feel super lucky are more like family.Some I don't get to see often enough.Some are childhood friends,like since kindergarden.No lie! And I want you all to get to know them too.They are parts of me.
Amanda or 'B' as I call her is one my besties.
We met about 13 years ago.She was my little brother's first official girlfriend.I had my doubts at first,no lie. I am a fierce Big sister.But she won me over and even after the break up,I had to sit my baby brother down and let him know that she had become one of my bestest friends and wasn't going anywhere.So much for family loyalty huh? He was totally fine with it.My family adored her too and I must admit we are quite the bunch.She was a total keeper.
We ended up becoming roomies for awhile too.Crazy times while we survived on chocolate pop tarts and coffee.I kid you not, that was all that was in our cabinet and fridge.But we survived.Somewhere along the road we became more than friends and more like sisters.I like to think I am the 3rd Big Seester she never wanted but got anyway.Ha!
Amanda is a loyal and fierce friend too.I can call and dump all my junk on her and she will have the best one liners or pretend to cuss out whoever it is in a mock Convo.It's so awesome because professional therapy can be so expensive.
Amanda is my younger sista-from-anotha-mista too.She brings out my youth and keeps it real when I need more sparkle.She is the bling in my 30's.
From Eminem to old school Tupac,anything goes.No judgment here.We go way back,she and I.From P-funks to old school chucks', she remains youth in my pocket.
And talk about creative genius....B and I can ruin any budget together at Crafter's Wearhouse! We laugh hard,play even harder and there is no one like her.Forever she will always be....My B.

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