Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Project Bucket List

My Pinterest addiction is back for summer.And I am so excited to get some things done with all this 'pin' spiration around. And this momma is all about being frugal this summer so budget friendly craft madness is the theme.The plate project is on deck.I'm thinking old love letter from Sam, funny card quotes from my besties,cray cray things my hulligans say around the house.Oh yes, this will be fun!Conversation piece,No?
These bracelets have been on my pin-lists for months.I have stocked up on fun jewels and beads and now I am finally ready to make something perdy....I hope.
I am gearing up to be Sew Inspired this summer too.Getting my Etsy Shop up and running has been a goal of mine this year and the time is now. And with creative and inspiring blogger's out there I am ready to put myself out there already. Some new and re vamped products are in the works...Watch Out world, Momma Zo here.I also decided to add my Shop to my side bar,more so for personal accountability.So I must show up so to speak.Here I found some pin' spiration for summer.Wish me luck, I will definitely need it.
And this one is a biggie...I need a change up..in the bedroom.New colors,new bedding,new every.thing.But I'm budgeting on a dime pretty much, remember.So I am trying to up-cycle most of what I have,thrift what I can,paint,refinish,sew and bring new life to the most important room in my home.Below I pin'd an inspiration of sorts.
Let the games begin....

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  1. I want to come and craft with you! In my dreams!! Plus I made that wrap bracelet once, it's super simple and people will fall all over you and your craftiness! Love ya Zo!