Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Inspired by { WWIW} From the Ground Up

Summer here in Monterey has been pretty decent this year.We can be flooded with fog most days but this year has brought the sunshine a bit.Makes for a happy Momma Zo.I have been putting my Pintrest to work too.Especially with my hair.I'll admit I'm in a bit of a hair funk.I adore my hair girl but I find myself missing my long locks lately.Here is my first try at spicing things up there.
Outfit breakdown: Old Navy Maxi,Hair wrap,Goldish Flats from Marshall's,Black legging from Francesca's,Black/gold beaded dress my sister's closet & black cardigan Marshall's too.
BaylieShaye Below Breakdown:(Left to Right)
Cheetah/Silver shimmer shoes on super duper discount.@Target$5 each
Pink Sparkle crop shirt:Forever 21Kids,Skinny jeans Old Navy,Hello Kitty Hightops:H&M kids
Fake reading glasses:Claire's Boutique.She is OBSESSED with these right now.Oh and cheetah tale from last years Halloween costume.Uggggg,Whatev's right?
This little photo montage was Inspired by Meg's over at Absolute Mommy.She has a little fashionista too.I think our girls would be instant beasties if they met.However Bay's sense of style includes but is not limited to Rainbow,leopard and rhinestones.I might appreciate Megan's daughter guidance a little more after that description.My main concern during the summer is underwear.Just make sure you have it on and we are all good to go.I gave up the fight with anything else.Plus both the girls wear uniforms all year for school.Summer allows for freedom in the dress department I think,No?
Color Blocking was a Go! Today.The jury is still out.I love the colors though.
Tank(Marshall's),Skirt(NordstromRack),Shoes(Mia's Famous Footwear)
Jewelry:Remnants of the Past in Slo. Vintage Pearl hand stamped silver charms & the bird from my BFF in Boise,ID.L.O.V.E
I thought it would be a fun addition to add into WWIW what starts my routine anyway.From the ground up...Left to Right:Love my deodorant,no white marks Promise.Philosophy Beach Girl Lotion.The scent a combination of suntan lotion and orange creamcicle. If I dare wear shorts,which is rare,a skirt maybe like today,I use this.My pregnancies did a number on my legs so this gives me courage to brave them bare.A nice shimmer cover over those little purple spiders.Bleck! Jergens Natural Glow, color and no orangey streaks.The Aleve is just for today.My little slept with me last night,on my side of the bed.Huge shocker because my girls NEVER EVER come to my side.I'm a grump at night.They know it, I know it,and daddy does the snuggle job just fine.But my neck is suffering today.Chiropractor today at 6,just saying.Lemon body lotion from The Body Shop,another fabulous scent. I used it one my hands.Smells like lemon pie. I love Philosophy products.I use these both pre make up.I need extra B12. I just feel better when I take it.And I suffer occasional excema. So a little of this goes a long way to relive the scratching.Thats my Ground Up Round Up....Maybe next week..Make-up? I love being a girl.
Thank you to these ladies(Below) for the inspiration and fun link up's!!!


Absolute mommy


  1. I love your little girl's tights. I've also got a daughter, and it's so fun to dress her every day. Little girl clothes are so pretty! Have a lovely day, Zoe. Found you from TheLetter4

    1. Thank you so much! Bay has some wild style lately.Thank you for stopping by.Have a wonderful Sunday!xoxo