Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday & Mistakes Happen..Oh well

Pinterest Project #1...check.Well kind of.The project had big dreams but between laundry,dinner and summer,I had to speed things up.And with speeding things up comes mistakes.
Beautiful ones sometimes.But mistakes nonetheless.
For starters,remember THIS post? Well I kept most of the hubbs love letters,cards, notes ect. over the years.So when I saw this pin on Pinterest I was all over it with my own spin.
I already had the pillows.But if you are looking for some that need some pretty, Beverly's is your place.And I know they go on sale quite a bit so you are bound to get a deal. Also I had to buy permanent fabric markers.Cheap at 6.99$, no more than that.The stencil,3.99$.I had the fabric because I am a fabric {whore} der.I had the embroider frame but didn't end up using it.But it's an option.Oh and the Love Notes helped too.These words are his so I like the idea of being able to read these everyday and having the girls be able to read them too.The
larger pillow has quotes from the Valentines Day letter the hubbs wrote right before he proposed in 2003. And the smaller pillow has quotes from a note the hubbs left in my old apartment when we were just dating.I remember those dates like yesterday,crazy.
I did a little free hand filling in the spaces between the stenciled letters for a cleaner look.You could do either.Pick your fancy.
Find the mistake and you win a prize! I was so pissed when I saw it.And the hubbs found it too,which Ticked me off even more.But I got creative and didn't want to trash the whole project soooooooo....
{Backside of pillow is open} Super easy way to finish the pillow but yet not to have accurate measurements. I don't need perfect all the time.I need efficient and fun.
Did you find it? The mistake? Here's to the finished project.They will make nice accents to the room re-do...coming soon.
I pinned this tattoo awhile ago in my Pinterest. I thought it reminded me of my kitchen.So I created a love Note,if you will, from my kitchen.What you need: 1 white tea towel, embroidery floss,needle,striped fabric,sewing machine,coordinating thread and embroidery frame.And Voila! Sassy kitchy Kitchen Towel!
New bag design.Love or no? I used my scraps,braided them up for a strap and top-stitched the front.Ya dig? And added a flower clip to shuuzsh it up a bit.
Happy Tuesday Y'all.

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