Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Wrap Up

My summer has been filled to the brim with activity.I really couldn't have asked for more.I planned on it.We don't normally take advantage of where we live so this summer was all about the Stay-cation!
From Carmel Valley {Garland Park} to Lake Don Pedro,kinda close.We stayed at our families lake house and got super spoiled with keys to the boat too.The mini's and I headed down to a long time {forever friend} of mine in Woodland Hills too.We had a blast.I have great little road tripper's so it's always fun to go go go with them during the summer.Unfortunately Sam had to hold down ship here and work but next time he will for sure join.

Papa Brad teaching Carys how to fish.

My dad was a trooper and the look on his face and the girls melts my heart.It took many years to get where we are but....It couldn't be better.

My babies. Carys and Bay Shaye are growing up so fast.And while we all say that cliche time and time again,it rang so true this summer. And that's why this summer was one of the most memorable ones yet. 8 and 6 are fun ages, even with the hiccups.They are really awesome little people and they are way cool to be around most days.


My visit with Jenn was Amazing to say the least.I have literally known this girl since birth,Crazy right? We lost touch for a few years but recently reconnected and we haven't skipped a beat.Her family is presh and the girls and I thoroughly enjoyed their hospitality.Will,her little boy is a doll face and her hubbs was fun to get to know.Big Thanks to Dan for taking one for the team so us girls could venture to the Rose Bowl Market together.Fun thrifting times,just like our moms did together.I'm looking forward to hanging out again soon.

A visit from the big cousins was fun.The girls adore Manny and Jonathan.
These boys are growing up to be awesome young men.
3 outta 5 ain't bad.
Sam and big sisters,Denise and Christine.
So presh

Papa Luke and Grammie Victoria

Here's to Summer being over and new beginnings.But this sure was a summer to never forget.Family,Friends and Fun.

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