Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Detox

My summer has been a lot about removing the bad,slowly but surely, and replenishing the good.Good for the soul and body for Summer 2012.
So far my reading material has been a little of this:
One of the first books I have downloaded onto my IPad.{Soul Detox} has provided me with hours of reality checks.I was hooked from the sample pages.If you feel like being busted out (Spiritually that is) Get it.
Sometimes I get trapped in my thoughts.Thoughts of being inadequate as a mom,wife,friend.Then situations arise that my feelings are hurt in and I tend to stew on.Trying to figure out what I could have said, what I should have said.All the while,nothing really gets better.In my head that is. This,I realized after some reading,is a personal issue.No One is in control of these thoughts but me.I can't change anyone,as my Grama Bernice always reminds me.But I can change,as I pray and confess these thoughts to the Lord.And release this daily burden of four feelings that seem to overtake me way too much. Pessimism,Anxiety,Bitterness and Criticism.
{Soul Detox} had a good way this week of explaining these thought traps.
A lot of heavy decisions had to be made this summer.Thankfully there has been a nice balance of fun that came with that.Sort of takes the edge off a bit.But this book gave me some insight to what I allow into my life and heart lately.So far what it has revealed has been both astonishing and freeing.
Running again has been a fresh way for me to get my work out on during summer.I am currently training for a half marathon in November so I ran a measly 5K in Hollister about a month or so ago to kick off my training.It just so happened to be June 10th too.Which is the day my mom passed away.The weather was beautiful,my family was there cheering me on and I got to run it with one of my dearest friends.You'd think I was actually running a marathon.It was the longest 3.1 miles of my life.Swear.But I did it,I have so far to go.But doing something,on that day I literally dread all.year.long gave me a new perspective on what that day SHOULD be,in honor of her.

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