Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer looks like {This} so far...

From Tuesday afternoons at Farmer's Market and the yummy fresh goodies it brings...

To planting our first summer garden,hand built raised planters {Thank you Papa Brad} & backyard camping...The.Best.Summer.Tradition.Yet.

Celebrating my little sissy's 22nd Birthday.Oh to be that Young & Fun again! I considered it a bonus I was still seemly "cool" enough to be invited to her party though.

Splashing around the water park,suggested by one of my favorite people in the world,My Grama Bernice!Beautiful Day in Paso and spending time with all these beautiful ladies makes my heart melt.

Building Bears at Build-A-Bear.Getting all fancy!

To just enjoying where we live.This coast is breathtaking.

Getting some Vitamin D and getting our fitness on.Hello Sunshine!

For the Love of Golf.Sam was in Daddy Heaven that afternoon.

These two girls have no idea how good they have it.This summer has been all about them(well mostly) and to Momma Zo's surprise....It's been one of my favorite summers for it.With one more month of summer left, we will make it fly with more adventures and fun.Funny though, at this point I know us mom's are eagerly gazing at that impending School Calender and starting our own count down of "Just when the heck does school start again"?But this summer has been so different.And I plan on dragging my feet til the end.
Happy Summer!

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  1. Looks like you guys are having an awesome time! Those girls are super cute, and why did your sis have to get all grown up? I feel like such a old lady!!