Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Imperfect progress and Spring Break

A huge game of catch up and a photo bomb....Enjoy.

Coastal living has it's benefits.These are a couple of them...

Ballerina's do it better,just saying.

Carys can always make me smile.My sweet deep thinker.

33 years young.This birthday was epic and memorable.

My birthday weekend was the most memorable by far.A private wine tour at Pariaso Winery kicked this magical weekend off.

Desiring a healthy dose of reality? This book is ready to serve that,mixed with tenderness.

Trampoline fun.Crazy Static included.

These girls kill it in the style department.Nothing is off limits,as you can see.

Chapel & leg warmers for Mighty Memorizer,we do think so.Bay Shaye,always marching to the beat of her own drum.

I will always be a fighter.But fighting now for more important things is my mission.Changing the definition not the word and owning it.

A love for reading never hurt anyone.And her parasol was a presh accessory.

Adventures with Grama Bernice are always priceless.We headed to Morro Bay together and channeled our inner pirates.

Hitting milestones over here.Bay reading her first chapter book.Doesn't she look so cute?

Hi,my name is Mom and I iron my daughter's underwear in the morning.Shameful I know,ask me if I really care.

Staying committed to my personal goals this year.Training and staying focused.And having fun at the same time.

Carys Marie,heart of a servant.Such an incredible example of generosity.I have a lot to learn from this little person.

I know what you are thinking....that's deep right? Well,have ever had a Samoa?

Sometimes the magnitude of my love for these two little people is overwhelming and I am left speechless and in awe.And what a moment to rest in that is.

Toothless in Monterey.

Bay is conquering crazy things these days. Determined and focused and no training wheels,craziness going on here.

I told the girls they could put their fake tattoos on anywhere but their face.This is where they chose. I am officially scared.to.death.

Spring Break kick off.Breakfast in bed always starts the day/vacation out right. Sprinkle Break waffles anyone?

The country never hurt anyone and nurtures curiosity like no other.

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