Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Craft Blowout

Snowflake ballerina's,Handmade Ornaments,Fabric Tree's,Oh My!
Found these ballerina beauties on Pinterest,where else right? Everything else are my own creations on the fly.But here is the scoop on these dancing ladies....
I did tweak the directions a bit.I used coffee filters instead of paper for their tutu's.I just found it easier to work with and prettier really.To each her own. I also decided to add glitter.Lots and lots of glitter just makes everything so much more fun don't ya think?
I hung them on twine above the girls beds.
And voila!
9 dancers dancing....
First,trace your ballerina.

Then cut her on the fold of your favorite paper.

Then with coffee filters or another piece of paper,start making your snowflakes.When you are done,before you open the snowflake up,cut the top of the point off.This slit will be where you put your ballerina in her tutu.Open your snowflake up and drown them in glitter.Trust me it's totally fun.I used spray adhesive for this because of how delicate the coffee filters were.This step is optional though.

When the tutu's are dry,place the tutu's gently over the ballerina's.Gather some twine or ribbon works too,string them along evenly.And because I am so very OCD,I noticed that when I first hung them,they did not face forward.So...if you are like me,then dab some hot glue on the opposite(backside) side of the ballerina's arm and where the twine meets and glue together.This helps them face forward and not to the side.

I hope you try these.So fun for the Girly girl in all of us.
Easy peasy lemon my girls might say.
The details:
*Clear plastic ornaments from Michael's craft store
*Different color ribbon
*Smash books from Michael's
*ball point pen

2 /10 Christmas Craft
{under 2$ & 10 minutes}
Let's go...
First, have your hulligan/child complete a funny smash book fill in the blank quiz.In their own handwriting.Have them sign and date the back too. Gently wrap the burlap up and stuff inside the ornament.Place the photo on one side of the burlap and on the other place the handwritten quiz.No glue necessary because the burlap acts as an adhesive. Dump some glitter inside for some sparkle,no measuring here.Add ribbon to top and done and done.
So fun,so cheap and so easy.Yup,that's what he said.She said What?Oh yes I did.
Us Momma's need to stick together this season and make all things as easy as possible.
Your welcome and enjoy.

Fabric Tree's:
These are definitely a momma craft.I made these last year with different kinds of burlap and linen.However,this year the girls put in their request for some fun colors,so I obliged.Simple,simple...Paper mâché cones from Michael's for a buck a piece.And strips of my,yours,or their favorite fabric.And tons and tons of hot glue and a glue gun.Man,I love glue guns.All I do, is glue and fold,glue and fold.Rinse and repeat.

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