Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Seeking Joy

Over the past few months I have had many thoughts.Thoughts stemming from specific situations,experiences from the past and just plain longing for joy in my life.
Why is my personal joy being robbed?
Because I have allowed it to happen.Period.Point.Blank.
Ah yes, a moment of clarity.We all have those so they aren't that rare but acting on the awareness of them, now that's where the fun begins.Oh wait,just me?

From the challenges and joys of homeschooling,to deleting my Facebook.To eliminating the stress of over obligating myself to any and all opportunities to wear my super duper mom badge.There has never been more joy present in my life until now. And the crazy thing is,absolutely No Mom guilt has followed.

The important things and people in my life will always be just that.Even if I seem to fail in showing that,I am determined to make these changes a reality.I am removing all the distractions I have allowed to overtake my perspective. So that I may better see and experience the goodness of my life in the present.

I can change no one but myself.Teaching my daughter's this is key as well. Teaching them truth and what is not and the wisdom to know and understand the difference is one of the many goals I have. Assuming someone's intentions will get you nowhere either. We all do the best we can with what we have and this has become evermore true today for myself. And when we know better,we do better,in everything.

Life is good and full.Fresh with new life that may have always been there but looks sparkling now without all the clutter to hide it.

My current Joy's:
(In no particular order)

* My daughter's
* Homeschooling
*My love for sewing and creating things
* My sweet husband
* My home
* My Savior
* Instagram

What are your current Joy's?
A Christmas re-do on the girls room was F.U.N this year.Complete with paper chain,fabric tree's,and a glitter Nativity scene from the dollar bin at Target.

My very first book dedication and she used "beloved". There are no words to describe.None.

Christmas in our house looks a little like this...it's getting there...I'm not sweating it this year and it feels so good.

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