Saturday, December 1, 2012

Weekends like these...{Weekends Past Recap}

I have been so busy these past few months.And I am working on stopping the celebration of that.The art of being busy isn't something I like anymore.It's not a bragging right I would like to have.I've missed things,important things.So if I have seemed to skip out on you,I'm sorry.I'm just over here trying to be a better mom and wife is all.Will you forgive me?
Weekends like these bring back old childhood memories and restore me.
Weekends like these remind me what I need it most and what a gift this life is to me.And I should never take that for granted.
Weekends like these,slow and steady,remind me to slow.the.heck.down.once in awhile. Here is a huge photo B.O.M.B, snapshot by snapshot of my life these past few months...
They love each other,I swear they do!

SC Boardwalk Girls Trip
Just us,all day.Fried twinkies,face painted sunshine kissed cheeks,rollar coasters and then some.We shut it down with energy to spare.

White Lightening Soccer Hulligans 2012
We constantly bribe Bay to go to her games.Sad but true. It appears she is most stoked to partake in snack post game than actually be IN the game.Imagine that?

This is the One.The picture that took many bribes from momma Zo to get.The one that happened after arguing with the hubbs all morning.*cringe worthy moments in marriage.Ha! But sweet success,we got it.
Christmas Cards ordered.Check.

Homemade peacock costume courtesy of yours truly.Thank you 1980's,goodwill and Project Runway for the inspiration.

A little craft fair I threw together at Bay's school.Love banners and lavender eye pillows.With 25 handmade vendors it was a hit.I plan on stocking my Etsy store with the left over's soon...maybe....I will eventually get to that.

I have the most awesome,amazing,genuine,honest,loyal friends a girl could ask for.Some of them I have known my whole life.Others feel more like sisters.Some I don't get to see as often as I would like.Some far away,some right down the street.New and old,my friends are my family when my family broke.I love them and Girls Nights Out,good food and drinks but most of all our connection.The wine didn't hurt either.

The marathon I ran.Crazy,right? Well only half crazy according to my sticker.I did not train for this at all.With homeschooling this year and the adjustment to that,I gave up my gym membership.Total bummer.So I was a bit nervous about following through with the race.I wasn't coming straight off the couch and totally unconditioned.But definitely not in half marathon shape.But with tons of encouragement from friends and family and keeping in my mind the goal of just finishing,I survived it. I had a sweet GF run with me,pep talk me through it all.She was worth her weight in gold those 13.1 miles. I ran and finished for my mom.For who she was,the memory of her that remains and the feisty spirit of her that lives on in me.I finished in 3hours and 11 minutes.For not training,that ain't too shabby. More on the trials of that race later.

(From left to right)
Start,8 mile,Finish
Half marathon
Bucket List

I like him a lot and am trying to show him that more often.We are rolling up on 9 years of marriage.And we haven't killed eachother yet,so we are doing great!

Spending more time with these people is where I be.

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