Thursday, October 25, 2012

A day in the Life

My day often looks like this:

It can be slow to start.But is quickly filled with color and wonder and never ending questions.Some remain unanswered.I stand in awe and am encouraged to move forward.

This is what my teaching week looks like.
{Prepping is my key to success}

This is what home educating looks like.
{ Beautiful,nerves,and all.It's glorious in all it's chaos}

This is what your dreams look like in your daughters eye's.
{Passion for what they love and the movement that MOVES them}

This is what Momma Zo needs to keep going.
{ Water is life,Drink it up}
More often.

This is what a servant's heart looks like.
{Sisterly Love at it's finest}

This is what P.E. looks like.
{Horseback riding in the warm sunshine of the afternoon}

This is what Art class looks like.
{Shredded scarfs and Love banners}

But right now,what it {looks} like is this: Laundry growing legs,dishes not doing themselves,momma Zo down and out for the count with the worst ***TMI ALERT*** UTI.Ever! Swimming lessons that won't quit for a sick day.
I survived this week.
That's all.
Carry on...

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