Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Points of Impact.
In my life there have been many.
I sat in church this week and I remember the pastor speaking of points of Impact and how they can dramatically change your life in that instant.And how they change you,good or bad,depending on your attitude.It is all a matter of choice.And for some reason this thought struck me to the core.Not because I hadn't heard something similar at some point in my life.But maybe it seemed to resonate more then and there because I was open to hearing what my Maker was saying to Me about it.It being my attitude regarding my personal Points of Impact.

I had a friend recently say something to me about attitude.And how she was having a hard time reading blogs,in particular,that seem depressing or resentful of the life that is theirs.And what a turn off it is,as a mother.And the whole time I sat and nodded my head over the phone and said Right! through our conversation, I felt totally convicted.Now I know she problay wasn't talking about me but that doesn't even matter.I took it as a sign. I needed to get a friggin grip.And I got to work and took some inventory on my life,what I put out on my life and how I let My Points of Impact moments affect me and those around me.

What I came out with was this:
Surviving not Thriving

Simple.True.Real and it's all about to change.

I have survived some of the worst losses a human being can imagine.How do I let this affect me now? I choose to become more compassionate.I choose to do more of what I love. I
choose to put more value in the investment of time rather than money.I choose my words more carefully because they are more powerful than I gave them credit for.I choose to see the beauty in my daughters everyday and tell them.I choose to continue to dream big of the life I hope to live.I may not do these things every day.But these thoughts are of my heart and soul.And while my bad days still come and go,I choose to try and rest in the solid true's of my life.
My points of impact have rocked me to my core.Hard.Altering my soul and directed my life on a completely different course than I imagined.But I try and rest in the fact that everything is as it should be,at this moment,all is well.This is Thriving not surviving.


  1. You're a great inspiration!! :D
    I'm happy to say you are my friend, because I know the girl you once were, and the woman you have grown into, and I LOVE THEM BOTH! I'm glad you recognize you ARE thriving. You have a beautiful live and many blessings. . . but you know that. ;)

  2. Oh geeze what Vee said and then some. I've said before that you don't give yourself enough credit! I love you and love the spirit that resides inside you. Through it all you are still here, my little fighter. How I wanted to mother you, even to a fault. I'm blessed that you are my friend and doubly blessed your in my life, still after all the years.