Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Bruno Affair

The Bruno Family became a part of our family long before Sam and I were married.Sam and Frankie(Alyssa,Lindsey and Nicole's older brother) were best friends.And now after 8 years of marriage to Sam, I officially believe I am a part of that too. The girls were asked to be 2 of 5 flower girls in the wedding.They were so thrilled too.Oh yay, you read that right, 5 flower girls.This wedding was Epic and mildly Italian.It was rich in family,love,tradition and friends that feel like family.The Bruno family is full of love that is more tangible through being together than anything you can touch.They are always easy to be around and with.Don't get me wrong,being introduced to the family came with being put through the gauntlet by baby seester Lindsey.She had her reservations of me at first.But I won her over with my smart ass wit,Ha!(That ones for you girl).So we considered it an honor to be a small part of this event.And all the fun details,conversations happenings throughout the night,dancing,laughing and being together made it one for the books. Here is just a few snap shots from that weekend.
Enjoy as we sure did.
P.s I secretly wish I was Italian,just saying.
Bella Bay & Carys

Me and my CareBear

Sam and I at the end of the night.We had so much fun being a part of this amazing family's day.Couldn't be happier for Aylssa and Daniel.
(Yes, I was also the ONE who didn't get ONE flipping picture of the bride and groom.
#EpicRecovery my dress was on only 16$! That's right! And I loved it!)

Carys & Bella

Lindsey (BabySeester)and David Woodward
What a good looking couple!
Love them

Sam & sweet FrankieRae

Good times at the rehearsal dinner.

Ashley & Bay
( yes, I was the mom who got not ONE picture of my own girls together)
But two outta three ain't bad right?

A sneaky mommy caught these two lovelies enjoying some Shirley temples & some down time at the reception.#classic

Sam & Bella

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